Shamrock – Latex Surgical Gloves Low Powdered Palm Textured

01 Product Description

Shamrock – Latex Surgical Gloves Powdered Plam Textured

No Produk : 42000000-AKS-000049590
Certification : ISO 9001 : 2008
Registration : KEMENKES RI AKD 11603410258
Class Product : Class Ila, Medical Device

Glove Specification

Products Numbers

Item Size Length Inches Palm Width
6 Min. 285 mm 11.6 76 +/-6 mm
6.5 Min. 285 mm  11.6 83 +/- 6 mm
7 Min. 285 mm  11.6 89 +/- 6 mm
7.5 Min. 285 mm  11.6 95 +/- 6 mm
8 Min. 285 mm  11.6 102 +/- 6 mm
8.5 Min. 285 mm  11.6 108 +/- 6 mm
9 Min. 285 mm  11.6 114 +/- 6 mm

Mill Thickness

Item Finger Palm Cuff
All Sizes Min. 0.24 mill Min. 0.22 mill Min. 0.17 mill

Tensile Properties

Item Before Aging After Aging
Tensile Strenght Mpa (Minimum) 24 18
Ultimate Elogation % Minimum 750 560

Stress at 500% Elongation (Maximum)


Performance Requirements – AQL

Item Related Defects Inspection
Level Inspection
Water Tightness Test Holes, Pinholes and Lumps

FDA As per 21 CFR Vol. 8

Physical Dimension Length, Width, Thickness S-2 4.0
Physical Properties Before and After accelerated aging S-2 4.0
Visual Defect Stains,etc S-4 2.5


Product Brand : Shamrock

Product Name


Latex Surgical Glove Powdered Palm Textured – Translucent Beadingless




Sterilized by


Ethylene Oxide Gas

Intended Use


Medical Surgery Purposes

Basic Material


Natural Rubber Latex

Donning Lubricant


USP Absorbable Dusting Powder









Un Beaded


  • One pair in a Pouch
  • 50 pairs in an inner box
  • 8 inner boxes in an outer box

Inner box Labelling


As per customer requirement

Carton Labelling


As per customer requirement

Download MSDS – Surgical Sterile Powder (Shamrock)

02 Questions & Answers

  1. 1
    What are Latex Gloves?

    Latex gloves are made from natural rubber latex (NRL) which is a renewable resource. Latex gloves are also more environmentally friendly than synthetic gloves as they are easily biodegradable.

    In terms of protection latex exam gloves offer users the best barrier protection in areas of potential risk associated with blood-borne pathogens and other substances or biohazards. The physical properties of the latex also provide excellent flexibility with high degree of sensitivity. Latex outperforms other glove materials in terms of elasticity and tensile strength. These gloves will generally provide the best comfort and feel of all disposable gloves. A small number of people be sensitive to latex and for these people we recommend nitrile or vinyl gloves.

  2. 2
    What are Medical Grade Gloves?

    All medical grade gloves have FDA oversight and approval. Medical grade gloves are mandatory for anyone coming in contact with blood borne pathogens (blood, urine, saliva, etc.). If the box does not say “EXAM”, it is not medical grade.

  3. 3
    What are Industrial Grade Gloves?

    A term used to distinguish disposable gloves used for industrial or non-medical purposes. Industrial grade gloves are popular in industrial and food service markets were there are no blood borne pathogen issues.

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    How do I get in touch with you?

    It’s easy to find the answer you are looking for or to get in touch with us! You can: Call us at+62-21-29511968 or send us a quick message.